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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  December 9, 2012 9:30am-10:00am EST

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big government. >> ultratech is the one you like. they make chips. >> they make equipment that makes the chips. it is it a cverage way to play. >> j.p. morgan you like them. >> analyst expect a drop off andt could affect the company. >> yes, it will. hang in there for the term. >> that's it for forbes on fox. have a wonderful weekend. number one business block continues with cheryl casone and cash in. forget your hard earned paycheck. are unemployment checks going to stimulus the econo. house minority leader nancy peel pole said yes. >> it is more injected by unemployment insurance. >> okay, to get this number
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down, get the number of pele on these lines that you are looking at up. how ishat going to work. i am cheryl casone and welcome to cashin in . joining u is trace yejohn and ristian dorsey . welcome to allf you. tracey, benefits the best form of stimulus, really, you agree with that? >> the only thing that jobless stimulus benefit is apathy it is it easier to stay at home and collect a check than work at mcdonalds. we are so lazy these days, take 99 weeks was a freebey. we saw it with the hostess union guys. we rather take unemployment than take consessions. >> wayne, the benefits are so
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crucial we should extend them and not keep them in place but give more of a han out to the unemployment for the reasons of saving the economy. >> i have a better idea. have everybody stand on the corner with a bag of cash. it is idiotic and nancy pelosi, she is a -- econist. that is it a guy who drives the car by looking in the rear view mirror and goes around and seriously she's more interested in "saving the economy" than doing something correct or doing it right. by the way, recentl and i saw this on ather network, forgive me, they were talking about unemployment and t they were saying that the idea of unemployment insurance stretching out to 99 weeks where they wod start a guy in the midwest in
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manufacturing and start somebody on a job . they would train him agree to train him if he was not skilled . that tells you about the federal training programs . get him a job. no, we rather collect the unemployment. >> one of my fave identity economist is it christian dorsey . this is a perfect question for you i got to say. every dollar that they take in they will spend and there is it an economic benefit and i believe you agree with that as well. >> i is not that controversial. who sonot drawing in economy and they get one that will help the economy and support jobs. but let's mak the conversation real. the only reason we are having is conversation is because of unemployment we have more
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than three uneloyed workers for every job opening. this would not be a conversaon if we were swimming in jobbings . we wer havinglet conversation because the economy is still depressed and what nancy losi. >> we are having the conversation because of the debt and deficit levels that the country is facing . someone on the democratici side saying keep them and extend . republicans saying we have to cut somewhere. that's a real discussion. >> if i tld youhere was a program that cost you 30 billion and returned 18 billion to the economy and so had a net cost of 12 billion and supported 400,000 jobbings, you would say that is a good idea it is it not a matterf reducing the deficit because in congress we have people extending tax cuts that further blow a hole in the debt ceiling. >> i don't wt to be cruel,
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christian. i don't want to be curt. everydollar comes back a a $1.90 a. forget about the stock market and investing and put our money in unemployment benefits. its it resting on a complete fallacy of economics that conequals wealth. it is the same that pelosi and you. cash for clunkers and house stimulus . shov ready stimulus jobbings. >> johthon why don't you listeto mark sand zandy of moody who advised john mccain's presidential anything. it is nhing to do with a progressive position it is facts and common sense. >> that'slet numbers there. john layfield. what do you make of all of this. >> i thin mk zandy is the wrong guy to wrote. christian this is good stimulus but not how you do
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stimulus. when you give people $300 that center a family and house to support. they have to spend that money and i disagree that americans are apathetic and lazy. they want jobs. you can find a person who doesn' want a job, you can't say it is it all americans. the 3.3 million people will slip in pover. what they need is jobs that. is it a real stimulus. to argue that this is a stimulus measure i disagree. >> hold on. >> we hav talked to ceo's time and time on the fox business network. we have help wanted signs and peop wl nolt take the jobs because they don't want to work for minimum wage. it is not forever . the notion is to move up and get promoted but people would rather collect 99 weeks of feebie. we a creating the monster
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and like ham sterse on i wheel and can't get off. hold on >> i just disagree that many americans are lazy. >> we are not saying everyone. but there are enough of them out there that unfortutely put a bad taste in everyone's mouth. >> wayne rogers going back to the issue of speppeding. 50 billion spend on unemployment benefits. 50 billion and in the of fiscal cliff talkings. this is it a number that nides to be addressed. ist tha strong that we end this much money on unemployment benefits. the stupidity of it the guy in the white house had four years to turn it around. he hasn't done it it is idiotic. you have four years and you were begin a man date and why haven't you brought down the rate of unemployment. because they all believe in economics and believe that
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spending makes everybody happy and makes everybody have a profit. wrong. it is not tha >> they would say they have done something. he passed out all of the unemployment benefits. you say 50 billion it is 520 billion in emergency benefits. that is 520 billion and i don't know not invested in jobs and creating new enterprizeses and redistributed and ultimately destroyed. >> christn, to tracey's point. we have them come on and say they want to hire and they're afraid to hire . it is regulation and other issues. is is behais going to build the other economy. it will create those jobs. >> it is not happening fol. we don't have a situation where you have people who are not taking jobs that are not available. they are facts a to the
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whole idea that we should have someone who used to be an engineer working at mcdonalds for minimum wage. that is not a desirable thing in our economy . if thaterson were to take a job. they are better suited for the job and doesn't have one and how does that make you go better off. >> christian, you talked about facts, i quoted earlier, there is it a survey done in the midwest on manufacturing companies and they have tons of jobs open and not everybody is qualified. they agree and they are willing to invest in the training of the person to do that andhe guy said no, i would rather get unemployment. >> thank you to everybody. coming up. want smarter kid in the school . how about adding more days in school. taxpayers who might not like the cost of it. >> academic alert. wigum ralph. >> i won, i won.
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>> no, ralph. this means you are failing english. >> me fail english. that is impossible.
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>> kids are not going to like this one. taxpayers might not like it either. starting next year several public school districts in five states are addinging you more hour tots school calendar. federal moy will be used to extend the dates. this will improve education for our children. why are you giving it a big f. >> there is no relionship between test scores and the amnt of time spept in the classroom. not in math or science or in anything. u.s. students spend more time in the class rom than kid in the chin affin land and japan. that helps one person and that ishe teacher unions where the recip yepts of the spending. if you want to help the kids privatize the system. before the late 1880s it was home schooled and private and more choice and better o come for all.
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>> john, is it worth it or the education of the kids is worth it? >> i don't think there is a correlation. i think johnathon is right here. i don't agree with privatization of all schools. 20 years we had a best education system . we still have great teachers and school accident, but as a system, we are failing and we are falling down behind other countries. you look at oecd inwe are falling back every year. it is not the amount much time, it is what they are getting while they are there. and we don't have the ability to merit base teacher or students and we have a problem of the infrastructure. >> christian, what about the economics of all of we know that stes are trugling and maybe do the connecticut and colorado and new york and tennessee and massachusetts. they are not exactly fiscally healthy states. is this the right move to do next year? >> it is the right move.
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there is foundation money and other of assistance that make it possible. why are they trying to do this? state budgets and they are cutting out arts and physical education and tchers are spending so much time to standardized test they don't center curricula anymore . during the summer when they are out and winter breakings. they are extended losses of learning that put them further behind and makes the rest of the school time not productive is it a good idea and it is it hard to implement and a good idea designed to meet real challenges. >> this is it bananas and so crazy. first of all. kids are not robots. they need breaks for a reason. they focus this long and be on a full work dape at five years old and get rid of 10 pure and get merit pay and keeping them
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in longer. i am so my kids have fantastic teachers and there are stow many roton ones tt are bring down. you don't want them in any longer with teachers that don't need to be here. >> wayne, what do you think little minds soaking up big information. never have i seen any statistics thataid the length of time is equated to how bright or how well you are going to do. if you are going to do. separate people by merit f. this can learn in half an hour what takes him three hours. put him in a special. my daughter is a teachener beverly hills in california. she can tell you all about she teaches special kids. >> that's the point. government domination of education prevents new opportunities from being seen.
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private system it benefits kids that are -- it is a whole field of education that is not developed because of government. john, that is the systemic limit and that's why quality of education went down and cost went up. (talking all at once.) >> something happened in the past 20 years it can be done with the public. >> coming up everyone. we'll go for longer school days and shorter work days for government employees and making them work 40 hours a week like most of the us do would save taxpayers over a mill -- billion a year. ♪
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challenging times. that's next on fox news headquarteris. us. >> governor workers are workg less and costing us more. during a typical workweek, sector employees work 41 and half hours and government rkers only clock in 38 and half. estimate shows that governments coulsave 130 billion if the employees work the same number of hours as those in the private sector. wayne, you say get to work? >> when you add tt up. you say 41 and halfnd 31 and half. but that is almost a month . the other thing the government is in competition with the same workers you are . it comes back to the thing in
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the first segment; if you are compeating with the government they don't require as much and they pay as much or >> johnathon 130 billion. >> they make more and generous benefits and they work less than comparable employees in the private sector. the answer is not to get them to work more but haveess government employees it is it the nation's largest employer and that is pathetic and involved in science and engineer all of these areas where government has no function. that puts government on a diet. >> and well, you know, christian to be fair. we looked at the job data and th workers have fallen. johnathon will get his wish. this is hour to hour productivity and getting productivity out of our government workers, christian.
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>> the competition that wayne talked about. government in the private sector doesn't take into account that jobs don't exist for whom you don't want people working maximum hours. we are talking about the police and firefighters and emergency rsonnel and transit operators. they areot factored in the equation and not jobs where you simply want to see pime working more in the expense of the vital public services that you provide. it would take that in to which this studyidn't do. it paints a -- >> that doesn't include congress. >> tracey. i knew that was coming up. >> you are working 80 hours a week. >> it goes to how to gain the system . the inefficienciys of the government that they don't notice people are taking longer lunch breakings. private sector would be a
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over that. >> and no one here is vilifying the government workers. you have to be fairful there. union head and politicians promise these guys things they can't deliver. they are the one the fault lays in the blame. >> i see another segment. christian dorse thank you for joining us. >> take care. >> coming up. think prices at the pump are a pain now. just wait. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪
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if is time for what i need to know for next week? there are newenewable requirements and costs going up for company. gas prices going up. >> john layfield what do you have? >> disney content and it is a game changer and they have a huge description mod and he will this company is not dead yet. >> asong as the ceo can stay off facebook. >> and if you want to take a high tesk risk. look at akam. they are up the or four points the last week. >> johnathon? >> bankers and banks have the tar kicked out of them and one of them is sfmg. a lot o


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